Joe Eiffert:

 Vocals/Lead Guitar & Keyboards

For the last five years "The Working Poets have always been a trio... but recently, especially at the bigger shows, You might see this guy playing the guitar and keyboards on the left side of the stage! Joe fills in from time to time and is one of the most accomplished and incredible musicians that you will ever hear play! Joe was born in California, but as he puts it..."I have roots that run deep in the great state of Louisiana". He's a New Orleans Saints fan, who truly without a doubt loves his family, life, sports, politics, and of course music. If you think you have seen Joe playing somewhere else before... your right! For the last 20 years Joe has been, and still is the Lead Guitar player in the popular Country & Southern Rock Band "Southern Spirit". If you wanna know more about Joe just ask him. He says it's the best way to get straight to the point of what you want or need to know.

  Tom Barnett:

Guitar /Synth Guitar /Six String Bass

Probably one of the nicest and most sought after musicians in California Tom Barnett is the man when it comes to learning how to play correctly!  Tom teaches guitar to many aspiring guitar players, when he is not playing on the stage himself!  Tom reads music like its his second language, and is best known for playing the six string bass in ZZAJ. "Yes, that is Jazz spelled backwards", one of Californias most popular Contempory Jazz Fusions Bands.
What does Tom do when he's not on stage playing music or teaching guitar classes? Why he is flying an airplane of course! Tom loves to fly and that is just one of the many other things that he loves to do. We are lucky to have Tom playing with The Working Poets and the band usually walks around scratching their heads as to why, or how he has time to play with us.



 Chuck Dean:

 Lighting/Photography/Social Media

You may or may not see him, but he's there somewhere! If you look close enough you might actually catch him on stage taking pictures of the band with a camera on the end of a big long stick!
Chuck Dean has been working behind the scenes of The Working Poets Band since 2009, when he and the band met at t
he Hesperia Days American Music Festival.
Owner of Spectral Locus Events Photography, Chuck handles the lighting for The Working Poets and assists Kevin O'Neal the drummer in the band with the promotions and social media end of things.
All of the pictures and some of the video you see on this website and all The Working Poets social media websites are courtesy of Chuck Dean. Chuck is retired and spends as much time as he can with his three daughters and their family's. He also likes riding his quad in the desert and works on numerous volunteer projects in the community. 
Larry Lee:

 Lighting/Stage & Gear Management

Larry Lee is well know to The Working Poets as the jack of all trades and his short resume reads like this! Radio D.J., Truck Driver, Jukebox and Edsel Restorer, Current President of the Edsel Owners Club, The Southlanders, Gun Collector and Indian Turquoise Jewelery Dealer, Sound and Lighting Tech for The Working Poets Band. For the most part Larry has driven a truck the last 25 years for Altadena Dairys, delivering milk in the early morning hours to schools. Although he keeps his hands in all of the above and more, Larry loves the entertainment field and has helped keep The Working Poets band on the road since 2010, moving and setting up sound equipment and lighting. Larry also provides alot of comic relief with his quick remarks and antics that keeps the band laughing. If you want to strike up a conversation with Larry... just mention the Beach Boys, he is a huge fan!

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