Kevin O'Neal Sound Labs - "The Official Website" of the studio where Kevin O'Neal produces and records the band "The Working Poets". Also this is where many radio voice overs are recorded and mixed for local and national radio commercials.

The Working Poets My Space - The Official My Space Website with more information about the band, with performance dates, music samples, pictures, song lists, bios, a fan base and more.

The Highway Stations - The only live fully staffed 24 hour radio stations that serve and inform travelers with music, news, traffic, and weather as they drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada.

The Las Vegas Connection - Bart Torres is known by many as the Voice of Vegas. Hear up to date entertainment reports with a unique perspective and many little known facts that can help you make the most of your visit to Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada.

Budget Electronics - A unique online Ebay electronics store with quality new and surplus electronic parts for your hard to find electronic needs.

High Desert Community - A live interactive internet television website with chat room capabilities where you can chat with hosts of shows while they are on the air.

Intellicast - An excellent weather site with a regional radar loop that gives you up to the minute weather information in your area.

Musicians Friend - An enormous website that features music, sound, and production equipment that you can purchase online and have directly delivered to your front door.

USGS Earthquake Center - The lastest earthquake information around the world for the past 7 days.

Boom MP3 - A really cool website that allows you to upload your mp3 audio and create links and an html player, so that you can post your audio to your myspace and other websites.

SoCalRocks - Southern California's most popular website for aspiring and professional bands. Including popular Southern california clubs and venues, showtimes and classified ads for musicians looking for bands, equipment and gigs.'.

Lo-Cal - Los Angeles and the Southlands most popular website for aspiring and professional bands. Including popular Los Angeles and Southern California clubs and venues, and showtimes and gigs.'.

Reverbnation - Another website with information about "The Working Poets" with performance dates, music samples, pictures and more with connections to facebook and other social websites.

Eventful - A special demand a show website with information about the "The Working Poets", including performance dates, pictures, and special widgets that you can post to your personal website, for demanding performances from your favorite artists in your area or town including "The Working Poets".

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